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Let's Pretend It Never Happened...

Steeven Oxybel recently moved to London from Coventry. He spent some time at university, between France and the UK, where he graduated and collected his degrees in Engineering in Biology & Biochemistry, Biological sciences and Marketing Management. 

After a year working in Paris within the market research industry, Steeven came back to England and settled in the West Midlands. There, for 4 years, he worked in advertising, across two international agencies, helping the iconic Jaguar and Land Rover British heritage brands reshape their image and evolve to become more attractive, more engaging and definitely more relevant to customers. 

Steeven currently works as a Digital Project Manager in an advertising agency based in London.

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...Please, Remember Me Like This...

Steeven has always been exposed to multicultural environments and growing up always expressed his desire to discover the world and understand other cultures, people, their traditions and way of living. 

Steeven lived in South America, the Caribbean, France and England. He is well travelled and takes every opportunity he has to fly away to discover other places. 

It was a natural fit for him to settle in the vibrant British capital.

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...While No One Is Watching

In his free time, Steeven loves to spend time roaming around the city with his camera in his hand, spend time with friends, go explore new countries and enjoys city breaks weekends with his partner Andreea, where he combines his love for adventure with his passion for photography.